Law Student Membership Application Form 2017- 2018

Law Student Membership Application Form 2017 - 2018

Name     (English):       _________________________________________________ (Chinese):        _________________________________________________

Gender:                              Male                                   Female

Date of Birth:                 ________ (Year) _________ (Month) _________ (Day)

H.K. Identity Card/Passport No.:     _____________________________________

Nationality:   ___________________          Religion:                _____________________

Academic Qualifications

Professional Qualifications if any: LLB / PCLL / LLM / others:       _____________

University: _______________________       Year of Admission:   _________
Student No.: _____________________ Expected Year of Graduation: ______

Occupation (if applicable)

Name of Firm/Chambers:  _________________   Position:        _______________

Practice Areas:      _____________________________________________________


Mobile:  _______________________          Office:    _________________________

Email:     _____________________________________________________________

Correspondence Address:          _________________________________________


Residential Address:           _____________________________________________



I consent / object to the use of my personal data for the purposes as set out in your Personal Data Collection Statement. (Please choose “consent” if you wish to join SAMLAW, otherwise SAMLAW is not authorized to send you its information.) 

Areas of interest in the Association:

    CPD courses        


    Legal Practitioners’ Assistance Scheme  

    others:    _____________________________

Law Student Membership Application Form 2017 – 2018

Application for student membership requires the endorsement of one Ordinary/Associate Member and one Council Member with valid proof of student identity. If you do not have the endorsement, you may leave the following section blank for contact. The Council of SAMLAW reserves the absolute right to refuse any application for membership as it thinks fit.    

Endorsed by Ordinary/Associate Member   


Name:    _________________________      Mobile No.:   _________________

Endorsed by Council Member        


Name:    _________________________      Mobile No.:   _________________


  1. I have read the Personal Information Collection Statement attached to the application form. I understand that upon application, my data will become a part of my record and may be used for all purposes in connection with the processing of the application and member’s communication where the application is successful.
  2. I have read the Constitution of SAMLAW. I agree to observe the Constitution of SAMLAW and all resolutions passed by it.
  3. I hereby apply to be an Ordinary Member (student) of SAMLAW and attach a recent photo and a copy of student identity card for the purpose of my application for student membership of SAMLAW. I understand that I do not need to pay the subscription and membership fee during my studies as a law student. If I have completed my studies and or ceased to be a law student, I will be required to pay the subscription and annual membership fee for such amount as shall from time to time be decided by SAMLAW if I wish to continue enjoying the benefits offered by SAMLAW.

Recent Photo

Applicant’s Signature                                         


Name: ____________________

Date:   ____________________

Personal Data Collection Statement

  1. This is a statement to inform applicants of their rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
  1. The personal data collected in the application form will be used by SAMLAW for the purposes of evaluating the merits of the application and where applicable, will serve as part of an applicant’s official record with SAMLAW. Personal data will be kept confidential and handled by the staff of or persons appointed by SAMLAW to undertake its administrative functions. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, an applicant has a right to request access to, and to request correction of, his/her personal data in relation to his/her application.
  1. There are changes to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance that have come into effect as from 1st April 2013. Personal data of applicants shall only be used for such purposes with their consent. SAMLAW is committed to preserve confidentiality of personal data of applicants collected during applications for membership and to be collected from time to time through communication with its members. To ensure that applicants can make informed decisions and feel confident about providing SAMLAW with their personal data, SAMLAW outlines its practices and the choices applicants have concerning the collection and use of their personal data. SMALAW will use personal data of its members collected and to be collected from time to time in its communication for all purposes as set out in the Constitution of SAMLAW already agreed by applicants in their applications for SAMLAW membership. These purposes include and will include but not limited to the following areas,

the sending of:-

  1. Newsletter(s);
  2. Updates on laws and practices;
  3. News about legal profession;
  4. Holiday greetings;
  5. Invitations to events, activities and members’ benefits;
  6. News and updates about SAMLAW;
  7. Offering or advertising of members’ benefits, courses, visits, services, facilities and/or products;
  8. Research;
  9. Opinion collection;
  10. Fundraising; and the activities providers include other legal related organizations.

Each applicant has to indicate whether he/she consents or objects the above use of his/her personal data in his/her membership application form.

Should any applicant find the above purpose use of his/her personal data not acceptable, please inform SAMLAW with his/her name by email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 , with Subject: “Opt-out reply to Notice of Use of Personal Data".

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