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LO Yee Hang Loretta MH


盧懿杏律師是盧氏律師行創辦人。盧懿杏律師在2001年成為香港特別行政區和英國的執業律師,並於2008年獲香港特別行政區政府委任為婚姻監禮人。2010年,盧律師創立了盧氏律師行,現為該律師行主任律師。 於2011-2012年,盧律師及盧氏律師行於民政事務署義務法律服務表揚計劃中獲奬。


  • 香港特別行政區中西區區議員
  • 豪特保健控股有限公司(股份代號︰6880)獨立非執行董事
  • 香港董事學會會員
  • 香港中國企業協會會員
  • 華南國際經濟貿易仲裁委員會(深圳國際仲裁院)仲裁員
  • 建築物條例上訴審裁團委員
  • 奬劵基金諮詢委員會委員
  • 坊眾服務中心副主席
  • 香港中國中山海外聯誼會理事
  • 香港特別行政區社會福利署暴力及執法傷亡賠償組委員 (2008-2014)
  • 仁愛堂總理 (2002)
  • 香港特區行政長官選舉委員會港九各區議會界別分組委員 (2012)
  • 香港特別行政區城市規劃上訴委員會委員 (2006-2012)
  • 香港特別行政區行政上訴委員會委員 (2006-2012)
  • 香港特別行政區精神健康覆核審裁處委員 (2005-2011)


  • 通善壇
  • 香港酒吧業協會
  • 香港中藥業協會
  • 香港中藥聯商會
  • 香港島各界聯合會
  • 香港島婦女聯合會
  • 香港中西區婦女會
  • 香港中西區各界協會
  • 中西區發展動力
  • 海產土產雜貨職工會
  • 香港盧氏宗親會
  • 香港福州亭江聯誼總會
  • 香港潮連同鄉會
  • 東湖同鄉會

LO Yee Hang Loretta
Miss Lo is the founder of Lo & Co., Solicitors. In 2001, she was admitted as a Solicitor of Hong Kong and also in the UK. In 2008, she was qualified to be a Civil Celebrant of Marriages in Hong Kong. In 2010, Miss Lo established Messrs. Lo & Co to commence her own practice. Miss Lo and the firm were also granted appreciation award from Home Affairs Bureau’s Recognition Scheme for Provision of Pro Bono Legal Services for the year of 2011-2012.

Apart from her own legal profession, Miss Lo is also :

  • Member of the Central & Western District Council of Hong Kong SAR
  • Independent Non-Executive Director of OTO Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6880)
  • Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
  • Memberof The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association
  • Arbitrator of South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration)
  • Member of Buildings Ordinance Appeal Tribunal
  • Member of Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee
  • Vice Chairperson, Hong Kong Fong Chung Social Service Centre
  • Director of Zhong Shan Overseas Friendship Association, PRC.
  • Member of Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Boards (2008-2014)
  • Director, Yan Oi Tong (2002)
  • Member of the Hong Kong and Kowloon District Councils Subsector Election Committee (2012)
  • Member of Appeal Board Panel (Town Planning) (2006-2012)
  • Member of Administrative Appeal Board (2006-2012)
  • Member of Mental Health Review Tribunal (2005-2011)

And, Legal Adviser of the following organizations:

  • Tung Sin Tan
  • Hong Kong Bar & Club Association
  • Hong Kong Chinese Merchants Association
  • Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry Association
  • Hong Kong Island Federation
  • Hong Kong Island Women’s Association
  • Hong Kong Central & Western District Women
  • Association of The Hong Kong Central & Western District
  • Hong Kong Central & Western Power
  • Hong Kong Native Seafood Grocery Union
  • The General Association of Lo’s Clansmen of Hong Kong
  • Fraternal Association of Hong Kong, Fuzhou Tingjiang
  • The Society of Natives of Chaolian in Hong Kong
  • Association of Jiangmen, Hong Kong